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, 15 March 2020

Hong Kong’s unique geographic characteristics make this city a place where the manmade and the natural densely coexist. During several walks across the urban landscape, French photographer Gaëtan Chevrier records this intricate relationship, normally overshadowed by the bustling life of this financial capital. The photographs and reflections that follow further… Read more »


Anima Loci Christopher Thomson Travels Through Absence: Letters from the European City

Travels through absence: letters from the European city

, 15 April 2019

What images do we carry of our home cities? How well can we describe them? And are we simply witnesses to their familiarity, or do we feel a part of their shared story? Writer and filmmaker Christopher Thomson returns to his 2011 book ‘Travels Through Absence’ with a new epilogue,… Read more »


Anima Loci Mark Stewart-Smith Landscape and memory in two Segovian villages

Landscape and memory in two Segovian villages

, 15 February 2019

In the heart of Old Castille, scorching weather bears down on a deserted village, as new houses sprout and conquer the wilderness. Mark Stuart-Smith, artist and researcher, shares the results of this roadside exploration.