Mark Stuart-Smith

Mark Stuart-Smith is a visual artist and researcher. He teaches art history at the City Literary Institute, London, and also runs art workshops for homeless adults in central London. Mark completed a PhD on silence in the work of the Spanish sculptor Juan Muñoz in 2013 (Birkbeck) and holds an MA in Cultural Memory (Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London). His main research focus is on the history and memory of Francoism in Spanish art since 1945, and art education and homelessness. Recent articles have included ‘Opticality and Ventriloquism in Juan Muñoz’s The Wasteland (1986)’ (Art History, November 2017), and ‘From Mousike to Synaesthesia: New Interdisciplinary Agendas in Music and Visual Culture’ (Art History, February 2016, 173-181). The text published here relates to an upcoming exhibition of drawings and photographs: Peripheral landscapes: images of rural Spain and Wales. February 19-23, at the Four Corners Gallery in East London.
Anima Loci Mark Stewart-Smith

In the heart of Old Castille, scorching weather bears down on a deserted village, as new houses sprout and conquer the wilderness. Mark Stuart-Smith, artist and researcher, shares the results of this roadside exploration.