John Vincent

John Vincent is an artist based in Letchworth Garden City working with video, photography, digital art and oil paint. Experimentation with digital media has led to further exploration of his interest in technology and the interplay of analogue and digital media often manifesting in surreal and dreamlike imagery and sound. In recent years the subject matter of Vincent’s work has been informed by local history and is usually sourced from archives and other research or from a personal geographical relationship with a location. Alongside this are notions of a contemporary suburban Gothic with elements of horror that touch on science fiction and time travel with a distinctly British feel. These ideas have led to the exploration and representation of eerie atmospheric interpretations of everyday life.

In Letchworth Garden City, not much has changed in the last decades. In a time when the pandemic forced the nation to stand still, the author, John Vincent, reflects upon his own past and present embedded into this almost immutable backdrop. Through the lens of the camera, a short tour of what was once… Read more »