Keyword: Architecture

Anima Loci Maurizio Cinquegrani Agnafit


, 15 July 2019

Agnafit – the historical location where Stockholm was founded – is here only a faint echo, and yet its essence quietly permeates this visit to the Swedish capital. Film locations that have become ingrained within a fictitious city coexist here with the mundane reality of the background. Images and roads… Read more »


Anima Loci Hania Halabi Future Memory and the Thief of Time: Traumatic Urbanism between the Imaginary and the Real

Future memory and the thief of time: traumatic urbanism between the imaginary and the real

, 15 June 2019

In Gaza, the experience of perpetual conflict translates into an architecture that rises directly as ruin. The buildings of the territory are the expression of a structural temporariness that paradoxically embeds the weight of an eternal present. Palestinian architect, Hania Halabi, reflects on how architecture may offer the foundations for… Read more »