Hania Halabi

Hania Halabi is a Palestinian Architect from Jerusalem currently working at Balmond Studio in London, which she first joined as the personal research assistant of Cecil Balmond OBE, to help with his latest research on a new theory of form. Within the studio, she also worked on a collaborative project with Utopia that aims at reimagining the future of slums in Mongolia through the application of emergence theory in planning. In 2014, Hania was awarded Goldsmiths Humanitarian Scholarship to pursue her masters at the Center for Research Architecture where she developed her interest in the interplay between space, power and conflict. In 2015, Hania joined the UK-based team of ‘Open Gaza’ project at Westminster University, pursuing individual research, which inquires into the relationship between Architecture, Time and Emotions. This project was later presented as part of the ‘Architecture, Democracy & Emotions’ conference, held at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin in 2016. Her most recent research entitled ‘Mind the Trap: A Glimpse into Occupied London’ was presented at London Design Biennale in 2018.

Anima Loci Hania Halabi

In Gaza, the experience of perpetual conflict translates into an architecture that rises directly as ruin. The buildings of the territory are the expression of a structural temporariness that paradoxically embeds the weight of an eternal present. Palestinian architect, Hania Halabi, reflects on how architecture may offer the foundations for… Read more »