Antigoni Geronta

Antigoni Geronta is an architect and independent researcher based in Greece. She holds a PhD in Architecture (Polytechnic University of Catalunya, 2019) and a Master’s degree in Theory and Practice of the Architectural Project (UPC, 2011). She is co-founder of the association AntiArq established in Barcelona which takes an interdisciplinary approach between anthropology and architecture, conducting classes, workshops and seminars. Using the ethnographic method as an analytical tool of the socio-spatial structure of everyday life, her research and practice are concerned with the hermeneutics of architectural experience through time, childhood, community life, urban conflicts and dialectics of power. She is also a member of the Research Group Observatori Antropologia del Conflicte Urbà (OACU) and Grup de Recerca en Exclusió i Control Socials (GRECS) of University of Barcelona.

Antigoni Geronta Anima Loci

In the fishing village of Afurada de Baixo, Portugal, the architectural façade speaks of everyday affairs and circumstances without needing to utter them. In this article, researcher Antigoni Geronta outlines the results of her five-year field research in the village, where thresholds, windows, curtains and tiles give visual clues about… Read more »