Jonathan Zenti

Jonathan Zenti is an independent radio producer based in Milan, Italy. He was a finalist at the ‘Prix Europa’ twice, a winner of the ‘GanBéarla Award’ (2015) of the ‘Hearsay Audio Festival’, Ireland and a ‘Third Coast International Audio Festival Award’ recipient in 2018. In 2016, his podcast ‘Meat’ was one of the finalists for the ‘Radiotopia Podquest’. He is the curator of ‘Mondoascolti’ within the ‘Internazionale’ festival held in Ferrara, he is a content curator for ‘Voxnest’ and Creative Director of ‘Agave Production Studio’. Jonathan is a founder and board member of ‘MIRP – Meeting of Independent Radio Producers’. His works have been broadcast by Radio RAI, BBC, CBC and many other radios and podcasts around the globe. He is the author of the currently ongoing podcast, in Italian, ‘Problemi’.
Anima Loci Jonathan Zenti Susana Ljuljanovic

In these times of enforced self-isolation, the objects that once constituted the discrete backdrop of our home start to be seen in a different light. In this intimate contribution, radio producer Jonathan Zenti tells us about how being quarantined in one of Italy’s most affected cities has brought his previously… Read more »