Alžběta Kovandová

Alžběta Kovandová is a documentary film director and researcher, originally from Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently based in London, works as a freelance filmmaker and is undertaking a PhD in ‘Film: Practice as Research’ at the University of Kent. Her PhD project lies in between documentary film and anthropology and focuses on the topic of home in London. Alžběta has made several short documentary and experimental films, which were screened at international film festivals and shortlisted for awards such as the best Czech short documentary award or Magnesia Award for the best student film. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree at the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU in Prague and subsequently studied Master of Research in Art and Design at Liverpool John Moores University.
Anima Loci Alzbeta Kovandova

Sharing the fabric of our cities with wild animals is the norm. As long as they do not encroach upon the boundaries of the domestic wall, the space in which we live is also that of birds, mice, insects and other species. In London, urban foxes are the most iconic… Read more »