Nuvola Ravera

Nuvola Ravera is an artist and researcher whose research ranges from artistic disciplines to anthropology, psychology, and pedagogy. Through exploring ethno-clinical mediation at the Sagara Study Centre in Pisa, she investigates artistic practice as a means to reconfigure social alienation and subjection. She works with psychotherapists, anthropologists, biologists, and architects and proposes a hypothesis on the psychic residue of places through practises of cohabitation between natural world and man-made landscapes. She has exhibited her work and collaborated with institutions such as Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Turin, Macro Rome, Transmediale Berlin, Villa Croce Genoa, World Social Forum of Inhabitants Tunis, Ex Lanificio Naples, Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz, Fabbrica del Vapore Milan.

The port city of Genoa is dominated by water. A complex system of subterranean torrents traverses the fabric of this north-western Italian capital, rendering its territory prone to severe floods and landslides. Yet these underground rivers represent a world in their own right – hidden ecosystems that run in parallel… Read more »