Filippo Vogliazzo

Filippo Vogliazzo (1987) is an artist from Milan currently based in Berlin. He studied Visual Arts at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. His research focuses on the role of objects as parts of our surroundings, and what perception of ourselves they might indicate within a context. He thinks that as products of contemporary technological evolutions, the objects around us are hyper-objects, applications of traditional functionality, addressed by social conventions and employed by power structures that impact on our daily lives. Regulating norms, behavioural patterns, social spaces are challenged through his practice, merging different areas of study in a new critical perception of reality in order to question the constraining dynamic of elements that shape our surroundings. With an interdisciplinary practice that spans from investigations into materials, symbols and architectural forms to questions of poetic nature, with a discreet sensibility he attempts to explore how we act according to the space we move in.
Anima Loci Filippo Vogliazzo and Tommaso Gorla

During WWII, a high number of bunkers and casemates were implanted upon the territory of the Venice lagoon. How have these massive monolithic shapes contributed to the reorganisation of the postwar landscape? Have they remained as inert forms or have they rather established a relationship with the inhabitants of their… Read more »