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, 15 March 2020

Hong Kong’s unique geographic characteristics make this city a place where the manmade and the natural densely coexist. During several walks across the urban landscape, French photographer Gaëtan Chevrier records this intricate relationship, normally overshadowed by the bustling life of this financial capital. The photographs and reflections that follow further… Read more »


Of foxes and men

, 15 February 2020

Sharing the fabric of our cities with wild animals is the norm. As long as they do not encroach upon the boundaries of the domestic wall, the space in which we live is also that of birds, mice, insects and other species. In London, urban foxes are the most iconic… Read more »


Constructing the wilderness

, 15 January 2020

Starting from the exploration of the so-called “viàz”, an arduous mountaineering route in the Zoldo Dolomites, Silvia Segalla reflects upon the concept of “wilderness” as applied to the mountain, which within the social imaginary seems to have become a reserve and bastion of nature. In an era in which a… Read more »


Anima Loci Flavio Pintarelli Life Magazine 1965

Life Magazine, 1965

, 15 December 2019

A dive into the period in which skateboarding was blooming: by flipping through the pages of a 1960s issue of Life Magazine, Flavio Pintarelli recounts the way in which the board broke into the city, inaugurating new embodied experiences of space.


Anima Loci Andrea Mubi Brighenti Robert Smithson Geophilosopher

Robert Smithson, Geophilosopher

, 15 November 2019

One of the most renowned works of land art, Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty embodies considerations that share affinities with what will later be found in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. Reflecting on notions such as tension and scale, Andrea Mubi Brighenti traces how the spiral’s stone, salt and mud produce… Read more »


Anima Loci Pedro Maia Assembly of perspectives: A Grande Vista de Lisboa

Assembly of perspectives: A Grande Vista de Lisboa

, 15 October 2019

Gabriel del Barco’s masterpiece ‘A Grande Vista de Lisboa’ is a patchwork of tiles that pulls our gaze into the heart of a stratified city, where buildings, gardens, people and churches float on the surface of an ever-shifting fabric. This is the image of a Lisbon whose elements are not… Read more »


Anima Loci Sarah Gray Plural, political, packaged: how West African monuments forced a reckoning with the past

Plural, political, packaged: how West African monuments forced a reckoning with the past

, 15 September 2019

In West Africa, mnemonic landscapes have been affected by various political and economic inputs, which in many cases have packaged history into a tourist attraction. The monument becomes the locus of a superimposition of local and global narratives. In this comparative field-research of historic and commemorative sites within the area, Sarah… Read more »


Anima Loci Andrea Morbio Riccardo Giacconi The Wooden People Carlo Colla

The wooden people

, 15 August 2019

Where are marionettes when they are not on stage? Accompanied by Riccardo Giacconi’s camera, anthropologist Andrea Morbio goes behind-the-scenes of Carlo Colla & Sons, the longest-running puppet company in Milan and in the whole of Italy, in order to explore the places in which puppets transform from inert matter into… Read more »


Anima Loci Maurizio Cinquegrani Agnafit


, 15 July 2019

Agnafit – the historical location where Stockholm was founded – is here only a faint echo, and yet its essence quietly permeates this visit to the Swedish capital. Film locations that have become ingrained within a fictitious city coexist here with the mundane reality of the background. Images and roads… Read more »


Anima Loci Hania Halabi Future Memory and the Thief of Time: Traumatic Urbanism between the Imaginary and the Real

Future memory and the thief of time: traumatic urbanism between the imaginary and the real

, 15 June 2019

In Gaza, the experience of perpetual conflict translates into an architecture that rises directly as ruin. The buildings of the territory are the expression of a structural temporariness that paradoxically embeds the weight of an eternal present. Palestinian architect, Hania Halabi, reflects on how architecture may offer the foundations for… Read more »


Anima Loci Vittorio Curzel Towards the river source: A journey along the Adige river in a documentary film

Towards the river source: a journey along the Adige river in a documentary film

, 15 May 2019

For the making of his documentary ‘Stories of Land and Water: Adige Etsch’, filmmaker Vittorio Curzel walked upstream towards the source of the Adige river. It was a journey that started at the valleys that face the Adriatic sea and culminated at the doors of Mitteleuropa. In this essay, Curzel… Read more »


Anima Loci Christopher Thomson Travels Through Absence: Letters from the European City

Travels through absence: letters from the European city

, 15 April 2019

What images do we carry of our home cities? How well can we describe them? And are we simply witnesses to their familiarity, or do we feel a part of their shared story? Writer and filmmaker Christopher Thomson returns to his 2011 book ‘Travels Through Absence’ with a new epilogue,… Read more »


Anima Loci Fantina Madricardo Digital Shadows

Digital shadows

, 15 March 2019

The seabed of the Venetian lagoon teems with thousands of bygone objects. The search for the legendary third column of St. Mark, which is thought to lie in these murky depths, is an opportunity to return their shadows to the surface.


Anima Loci Mark Stewart-Smith Landscape and memory in two Segovian villages

Landscape and memory in two Segovian villages

, 15 February 2019

In the heart of Old Castille, scorching weather bears down on a deserted village, as new houses sprout and conquer the wilderness. Mark Stuart-Smith, artist and researcher, shares the results of this roadside exploration.